Hilario Camino Moncado, K.Ph.D; N.D;Ph.D., a native Filipino, a lecturer for the sake of humanity, is the editor and publisher of Equifrilibricum News Service, and President and founder of the Filipino Federation of America.

He was born on November 4, 1898,in Pondol,Balamban,Cebu, Philippine Islands His father was both a merchant and a farmer.

At the age of only six years, he was sent by his father to India, for the chief purpose of attending the famous College of Mystery and Physics, known as the Indian College of Mystery in Calcutta,India. Young Moncado studied the universal mystery of nature. He graduated with honor at the age of nine and obtained the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy of Kabala, (K. Ph.D); Doctor of Philosophy of Numerology,(N.Ph.D), and Doctor of Philosophy of Human Nature,(N.H.Ph.D)

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy, termed Kabala, is the highest degree in that country Incidentally, Moncado has the rare distinction of finishing an eight year course in three years.

After graduating, he wrote a book in the Kabalistic language, entitled "Equifrilibricum" meaning equality, fraternity and liberty. Some day it will be translated into the English language. Two hundred million people in India read the Kabalistic language.

During this period he traveled extensively. One of his mystic and Psychic Masters accompanied him through India, China, Japan, Korea, Africa, New Zealand, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Celebes, Australia and the entire Philippine archipelago.

He was called by home by his parent at the age of ten, and remained with him for six months after which he returned to India for the important purpose of teaching at the college of Sages in Calcutta, which is preparatory school of the Indian College of Mystery.

An important promotion followed in which was engaged to teach his own book "Equifrilibricum" at the Indian College of Mystery in Calcutta, India. The senior class of the college used the book as a textbook and Moncado's position gave him the unique title of "Supreme Psychic and Mystic Master."

The requirements of every student was to be six years of age of eleven, was given his mystic and psychic name "Equi Frili Brium," meaning, "I am the way of Equality, I am the truth of Liberty, I am the life of Liberty and the Master of Equifrilibricum."

At the age of twelve, he was elected Supreme Grand Master of the Grand Order of the Mystic and Psychic Masters of India, which organization at that time had membership of over fifteen milion and which in 1927 had been increased to two hundred million Mystic and Psychic people. He is still holds the same position in that Order.

He wrote a book at the age of thirteen, entitled,"Watch 1927-1935." It dealt with the terible conflict which would occur between the nations at this period and the future independence of the Philippine Islands, India,Ireland and many other small nations also received particular attention.During this time he also wrote other book, entitled, "Sun, Moon and the Star," Matahari of India,"Rey Vizaya of the Pilippines, and "Divinity of Woman." His biggest book had 200 pages which would require from 600 to 800 pages, if translated into English.

While in India, Mr. Moncado also studied the Bible,as one would a textbook, and he analyze the Bible in numerical order. In India he has talked to milion of people about Christ as he conducted revival meetings in that country.

He says -"My mission is to revive serve and convince my fellowmen. That is my religion.The world is my country. You cannot serve human being unless you live wisdom and Morality."
Any one who personally talks to Hilario Camino Moncado, cannot help being impressed with his quiet,scintilating,sincerity of purpose.
He has travelled extensively among all classes of people and nationalities. He has been through out India, Japan, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Philippine Islands, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, California and the United States. At the Juneau he lectured to as many as 10,000 people.He has been on the lecture platform since 1097,when he left India.

HE say's -- "there are millions of Intelectuals in India, which are termed the Vrilya" He claims that India is influencing the world in science and education.

Mr. Moncado speaks English, Kabalistic, Spanish, Numerical Latin, Latin, and understand French, Hindoo and the three Filipino dialects.

He arrived in San Francisco, california, on December 6, 1915 and continued his lecture engagements. Some of the topics of his lectures are: "The World Coming Teacher," "Filipino as a Power,"The Coming Race," "Morality"and "Watch 1927-1935."

He is a single man and has never used tobacco,drugs or intoxicating liquor.With the exception of chicken and fish he never eats meat and has never been sick.

He is the editor and sole owner of the semi-monthly Filipino newspaper, "Equifrilibricum New Service, published in English, which he established in Los Angeles, California, on November 1, 1924. It also includes special announcements in the Filipino language . This newspaper has steadily increased in size and circulation. It is the official organ of the Filipino Federation of America, of which he is also president and and founder. This Organization was founded on December 27,1925, and the incoporated on April 2,1927, under the laws of the State of the California for a period of fifty years.

The cheif purpose of the Filipino Federation of America with headquarters in Los Angeles California, is to create a better relationship between Americans and Filipinos,there being approximately 65,000 Filipino people in the United States of America.

Mr. Moncado caused Filipino flags to be displayed on Broadway in Los Angeles in honor of 1926 Rizal Day Organization. He was the first man to cause the Filipino flags to be displayed in the United States of America

The Filipino Federation of America held its first convention in Stockton, California, where one of the branches are maintained. The city was profusely decorated with United States and Filipino flags. Mr. Moncado, the leader, was the chief speaker in the Memorial Civic Auditorium from July 1st to July 6th,1927. The parades through principal streets of Stockton created a favorable impression of the Oraganization.The Filipino People will be granted independence between 1927 - 1935 is the significant prophecy that he made at his convention.

Soon after this event he was called to Washington, D.C.,by Mr. Tavenmar, editor and Publisher of the Republic, and was lavishly entertained. He was given the Pacific Coast represention for the Republic, the nationally recognized Filipino Magazine.

After visiting Eastern cities during his 24 days absence, he was tend revisedered a reception by members of the Filipino Federation of America and in addition to other important matters, immediately began to work on his third edition of "Divinity of Woman,"which has been revised and increased in size to more fully give credit to the "Superiority of Woman over Man."