Our Master

To Our Divine Master EQUI FRILI BRIUM

All Hail!

We praise Almighty God, the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ for His Divine Guidance in the observance of the 86th Anniversary or Commemoration of Our Divine Master Equi Frili Brium on December 23-27, 2014 at the Gen. H.C. Moncado Shrine, Pondol, Balamban, Cebu with the Theme: "MORALITY: THE WAY BACK TO GOD" (Psalm 25:4-5). It was another milestone of the Equi Frili Brium Church in the sacred mission to serve humanity towards the establishment of peace in the hearts of men of all races and creeds based upon Man's Moral Concept.

The celebration was very well attended by E.F.B. adherents, sympathizers and friends.

Included in the activities were the E.F.B. Seminar-Workshop, the Acquaintance and Christmas Programs, the Walk for E.F.B. and Man's Moral Concept from Pondol to and around Poblacion, Balamban and back to Pondol where the E.F.B. Church is located. Balloons were released in front of the church and followed with some fitness exercises and lead-up games.

The most solemn part of the event was that of December 27, 2014 which was the BIG DAY. It began with the Floral Offering at the foot of the Life-Size H.C. Moncado Monument. The Annual E.F.B. Worship Service followed which was officiated by Rev. Wilfredo H. Lleno. It was then followed by the Literary-Musical presentations. Luncheon was offered at the H.C. Moncado Multi-purpose Hall.

At 7:00 o'clock the "Evening Commemoration Ceremony" was arranged with the worship phase officiated by Rev. Wilfredo Lleno. The evening ceremony was indeed a very significant moment we can never forget!